Company Policy

Development and Production Procedures and Policy of Swistex

(Apparel and Textile/revised by 2017-12-06)

1.     Seasonal  Development

1.1.  Samples Request  

Swistex will take immediate action upon the Sample Request from customers. Swistex will start contact with customers within 24 hours for all Specification Sheet Or Tech Packs clarification and confirmation. “Sample Request Form” from any customers must include the items as follow:

1.1.1.       Materials description, material color and respective Pantone number,workmanship of each indivual parts 

1.1.2.       Accessories description and specification

1.1.3.       Accurate and Complete Measurement Chart of requested sample sizes.

1.1.4.       Color Sketch

1.1.5.       Expected sample reception date or Date of Ex. CHN

1.2.  Policy of Sample charge:

1.2.1.       Courier Cost : All samples freight charge is under customer’s account, all delivery is handled via Collective Paid.

1.2.2.       Sample Charge

1.2.3.       Prototype Sample =Bulk FOB X 3 Time as deposit has to be collected from customers before actual samples ready for sending, but it is available for refunding when specific article (or model) production orders  received for bulk production also respective style’s q’ty reached to MOQ of each (1000pcs per color way, also total q’ty up to 2000pcs each article or model) bulk production style.    Salesman samples         Sample Cost= Bulk FOB X 3 Times         Tooling or Mold Cost: All specific tool or moulds cost is under customers account. For the partnership customers, all samples cost and tooling cost will be settled in accord with Agreement of Samples Charge and Tooling Cost which were confirmed by both sides.         Excess Material: All excessive materials from Specific color or composition

materials ordered for salesman samples and surcharge from small lot of dyeing under buyer’s account..         Payment must be settled in according with both sides agreement when samples

were ready for delivery.

1.3.  Samples Development Lead Time

1.3.1.       Color-update    Color fabric and accessories is to be ordered within 24 hours upon the receipt of Sample Request Form.Actual Samples are to be ready for shipping within 30 weekdays as normal.    Existing fabric and accessories or substitutes available from internal warehouse,

the lead time for prototype sample is 20 weekdays.

1.3.2.       New Style of Seasonal Development    Counter a or Prototype Sample         Initial Counter samples using existing materials is to be ready for sending within

15-20 weekdays upon the receipt of complete and accurate Sample Request

Form or Sample Specification Sheet         Specific Accessories mold is to be completed within 3-weeks upon receipt of

complete correct Blue Print.    Salesman Sample         Correct color fabric dyeing is to be started upon the request of Salesman

samples as well as confirmation of banking pay-off and Lab-dip approval         Finished salesman samples are to be ready for shipping within 40-45 weekdays

upon the approval of Pre-salesman sample.    Size Set Sample         Any samples request of size set from any clients, materials and accessories

should be existing alternatives or substitutes from warehouse.         Size Set samples will not be taken into developing plan until official Bulk

production Orders well received.         All size set samples courier cost will be under buyer’s account.    Photo Samples         Any request of Photo Samples should be taken into development plan after

official bulk production orders, otherwise all cost from separate purchase and development cost will be under buyer’s account.

2.     Production 

2.1.  P.O. confirmation

         Details clarification or confirmation with customers for the P.O. Sheet is to be finished within 1-2days.

         Production Planning will be completed within 3days after customers’ Purchasing

Confirmation or Sale Contract was finalized

         Performance Invoice is to be issued by Swistex and sent back to customer for confirmation within 3days upon the receipt of official P.O.

         P.O. cancellation is not acceptable after Sale Contract was confirmed by both sides.

2.2. Confirmation(Pre-production) Samples

         Pre-production sample is standard sample for production,Swistex will not start production until received final approval to pre-production from customers.

         Any slight changes must be clearly remarked on the backside of CFM sample Hangtag for further follow up during production as well as official notification via email or fax.

         Pre-production Samples are to be ready for approval within 30days upon the receipt of Deposit or L/C as well as Final Production Specification Sheet

2.3. Lead Time of production

         Production Lead Time is 45-60 Weekdays as usual,which is countered from the receipt date of Deposit or correct L/C as well as approval of pre-production Sample.

         If there were any delay from Deposit issuing or L/C opening as well as Pre-production

Sample approval, original agreed delivery date will be postponed accordingly.

         Bulk Production Fabrics and accessories are to be ordered for production immediately upon the receipt of deposit and L/C

         Lead time is countered under the conditions:

  Fabric Swatch;


  full sizes of measurement chart;

   accurate Production Specification Sheet or Tech- Sheet 100% confirmed. the receipt of L/C or Deposit   


2.4. Shipping: 

2.4.1.       Any shipment changes request i.e. change from seafreight to airfreight, airfreight cost and any possible extra cost occurred will be 100% shouldered by buyer

2.4.2.       Any EXTRA COST(Document/habour Fee/Ground transportation from factories to the habour etc) occurred from Split Shipment will be 100% under Buyer(s)’ account.


Any airfreight caused by Swistex, the extra cost from sea shipment to be shouldered by Swistex. If Swistex or its factories pre-paid the airfreight, buyer have to send back to the amount of sea freight cost if price term is FOB base.


2.4.3.       For any orders to be shipped by air, All payment have to received from Buyer before any airfreight is happened.



Any Samples materials from nominated vendors courier or shipments cost have to be 100% shouldered by nominated vendors. Otherwise Swistex will raise up “Debit Note” separately to buyer at the same date of Courier Monthly Statement Receipt Date.


For any styles whose bulk order Q’ty less than 1000pieces,extra cost from Size Set will be under buyer’s account.


Any approval or confirmation to any of these procedures by buyers, final production delivery date is to be postponed accordingly. Also any possible airfreight caused by the delay of all necessary confirmation or approval process is under buyers’ 100% responsibilities. 


Nominated materials: if there were any delay from nominated suppliers or vendors, the lead time of materials is under buyers’ reasonability to negotiated or confirm with nominated vendors directly, the final production lead time is to be countered from the receipt date of nominated materials. Any possible delay from nominated vendors, all risks are under buyers’ reasonability.


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